Fire Station Alerting

Zetron’s Fire Station Alerting Systems allow communication centers to efficiently respond to emergencies by managing the assets of multiple fire stations. Public Safety Dispatch Centers can dispatch a piece of fire fighting equipment or ambulance, an entire station, or multiple stations by selecting them from their PC screen or from the push of a few buttons. Visual indications help the operator select which stations should respond, as well as determine which vehicles are available, which have already been dispatched, which are out of service, etc.

Zetron offers a range of communication systems to meet the needs of any size fire department. Zetron’s IP Fire Station Alerting (IP FSA) system is ideal for any municipality that has IP links between its central communications center and its fire stations. Using IP to send control commands between the central site and the fire station increases the alerting speed and broadens connectivity options. Since voice announcements are independent of data commands, voice can be configured to go to the IP station units over either IP or radio. IP FSA moves fire dispatch into the IP world without sacrificing features that have worked so well for countless fire departments.

Zetron’s Model 25 is an instant call paging encoder used in airports, fire, and emergency centers to alert pager users. The press of a single button or a signal from a CAD interface initiates the page. The Model 25 automatically controls and selects among up to eight transmitters or frequencies.

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