CAD and Mapping

CAD, Mobile CAD, and GIS Application Suite

Zetron’s versatile next-generation CAD-and-mapping application suite includes Zetron’s Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD), Mobile CAD, and Geographic Information System (GIS). The suite’s easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and rich features enhance situational awareness as well as the speed and effectiveness of your emergency response. The familiar, consistent Microsoft environment minimizes training, maintenance, and administrative costs.

Zetron CAD and GIS can work as integrated or standalone modules. When Zetron CAD, Mobile CAD, and GIS are utilized as a fully integrated suite, Zetron CAD automatically displays active CAD incidents on the Zetron GIS map viewer. This allows dispatchers to observe both CAD and map data for active incidents. Zetron CAD and GIS data are also displayed on Mobile CAD to give first responders the same map view, CAD notations, and information that are available to dispatchers. The suite can be deployed at a single site or across multiple agencies or jurisdictions.

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CAD, Mobile CAD, and GIS Application Suite Brochure

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