THE ULTIMATE MOTOTRBO 2018 CATALOG ARE YOUR UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS INSTANT ENOUGH? Business waits for no one. You either respond right NOW, or it’s just not fast enough. The Power of NOW means giving your teams the capability to communicate instantly and collaborate immediately. This assessment will expose where your communications are slowing you down ... and what you need to do to join the NOW Generation. ROSEN HOTELS AND RESORTS ELEVATES GUEST EXPERIENCES WITH UNIFIED TEAM COMMUNICATIONS DESIGNED FOR HOSPITALITY Stepping up to their unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction became challenging with an aging communications system. To meet this challenge, Rosen Hotels decided to upgrade their existing radios to a MOTOTRBO system for improved coverage and audio clarity. SEAMLESSLY CONNECT STAFF, BOOST SECURITY RESPONSE AND IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY With the Motorola Solutions Team Communications platform, employees stay connected and informed no matter their device or network. COMPLETE SOLUTIONS We’re more than just a radio dealer. We provide fully-integrated communications solutions, complete with the software, applications, systems, accessories and services you need to succeed. Whatever your requirements, you can trust us to deliver.