Rental Equipment

Over 20 Years Service Experience

Creative Communications is the event industry leader in providing Motorola analog and digital radio systems and on-site services. We provide on-site services to over 50 of the largest sporting events, music festivals, and conventions each year. Our extensive inventory of equipment includes two-way radios, repeaters, combiners, mobiles and a large selection of audio accessories.

Some of our Rental Products Include:

Portable Radios

  • XPR 3500, XPR 7500, XPR 6550 digital

Base Station/Mobiles

  • XPR 4550 digital


  • XPR8500 digital

Audio Accessories

  • Double Muff Headsets, Single Muff Headsets,
    Lightweight Headsets, Surveillance Mics, Speaker Mics and D-Ring Earpieces
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