Motorola APX™ 7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radio

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Seamless Interoperability. Flawless Performance.

motorola apx 7500
No other mission critical communication tool keeps you safer on the move than an APX mobile radio. During a high-speed chase or lifesaving helicopter rescue, instant and uninterrupted communication is priority one. You need to speak above the blast of sirens, the blare of engines, the howl of weather and the rush of traffic.

You expect a reliable radio with crystal clear communication wherever the mission takes you. You depend upon every word being heard and every message being understood, even in heavy noise environments. And you count on controls that are easy to locate and operate when situations get stressful.

When every moment matters, your personnel must be able to communicate with one another - no matter which federal, state or local agencies are involved. As national security tightens and preparedness heightens, what is the right technology to achieve interoperability and mount a swift and effective joint response?

The APX 7500 delivers seamless multiband interoperability through any two bands (700/800, VHF, UHF R1, UHF R2). Now your agency can purchase one radio for instant multiband communication and streamline the expense of maintaining, installing and operating multiple mobile radios.

Every APX 7500 radio is backward and forward compatible, designed to meet current P25 standards and future ready to support new technology and data applications. That means you can achieve your interoperability objectives - whether upgrading an existing system or designing a new one - at your own pace.


APX 7500 Control Head Portfolio


  • Large Color Display with Intelligent Lighting
  • 3 Lines Of Text 14 Characters Max / 1 Line of Icons / 1 Line Of Menus
  • Built In 7.5 Watt Speaker
  • Multiple Control Head Configuration (Up To 4)
  • Motorcycle Configuration Available
  • Multifunction Volume/Channel Knob
  • Night/Day Mode Button


  • Large Color Display With Intelligent Lighting
  • 2 Lines of Text 14 Characters Max / 1 Line of Icons / 1 Line of Menus
  • Integrated Full Size DTMF Keypad
  • Hand-Held Control Head With Intuitive User Interface
  • Two Quick-Access Side Buttons
  • Display Contrast Selector


  • Tri-color display with intelligent lighting
  • 2 lines of text 14 characters max / 1 line of icons / 1 line of menus
  • Available with Keypad Microphone
  • Multiple control head configuration (up to 4)
  • Motorcycle configuration available
  • Display contrast selector


  • Large Color Display with Intelligent Lighting
  • 3 Lines of Text 14 Characters Max / 1 Line Of Icons / 1 Line Of Menus
  • Available with Lighting & Siren Controls or DTMF Keypad
  • Multiple Control Head Configuration (Up To 4)
  • Configuration Available
  • Multifunction Volume/Channel Knob
  • Night/Day Mode Button


  • Extra-Large Full Color Display with Intelligent Lighting
  • 2 Lines of Text 14 Characters Max / 1 Line Of Icons / 1 Line Of Menus
  • Integrated Full Size DTMF Keypad
  • Large Programmable One-Touch Buttons
  • Dedicated Siren Controls
  • Integrated Response Selector
  • Night/Day Mode Button

APX™ 7500 Multiband Consolette

Racing to an emergency or repairing a power outage, every moment matters as you mount a response. The right control station can make all the difference in making sure communications are clear, continuous and coordinated - across multiple users, agencies and miles.

Motorola APX Conselette

The APX™ 7500 Consolette is the ideal complement to your dispatch console. It's the low cost, mid-power RF control station for the ASTROR 25 system when you want a wireless dispatch solution. Plus, you can use it as an emergency backup station when infrastructure is off-line or for wireless access to different system types for increased interoperability between agencies.

Designed for the APX 7500 mid power series and O5 control head, the APX 7500 Consolette combines forward thinking technology with time-tested functionality. Project 25 Phase 2 technology delivers twice the voice capacity so you can add more users without adding more frequencies or infrastructure. And its multiband operation assures seamless interoperability - so you can talk with confidence from a squad car or desk station, a job site across town or an incident in the next county.

Motorola APX 7500 Features and Benefits

Interoperability On Demand
APX 7500 operates in multiple bands and meets P25 public safety specifications for seamless multiagency collaboration.

2-In-1 Radio
APX 7500 operates in any 2 frequency bands (700/800 MHz, VHF, UHF R1 and UHF R2) and acts as two radios in one. Motorola has reduced the amount of equipment service shops must install and maintain.

No Compromises Design
The APX mobile radio is designed to maintain the same mounting footprints as the XTL. The high-power trunion was completely redesigned for ease of installation, providing installation guides and rails, better engagement into the tray and enhanced handle grip.

Rugged Durability
The APX 7500 mobile radio meets IP55 water-intrusion ratings for driving rain. This gives you the added confidence that your mobile will continue performing, even when exposed to water.

Future-Ready Investment
APX is backward and forward compatible with Motorola SmartNet , SmartZone and ASTRO 25 systems and offers future expandability for developing technologies.

APX 7500 supports P25 Phase 1 and is upgradable to support P25 Phase 2 to offer better spectrum utilization and double voice capacity using existing frequencies.

Data Capability
The APX 7500 is Integrated Voice and Data ready. With the ability to send and receive data through your trunking or conventional system infrastructure, APX is ideal for text messaging and can be used as a modem. Programming over Project 25 (POP25) allows the radio configuration to be accessed and updated over the air. APX also comes equipped with an integrated GPS receiver for outdoor location tracking.

FLASHport™ Software
The APX 7500 has built-in FLASHport capability to support customizing the radio with new software.

Customer Programming Software
Motorola's APX radios utilize new and enhanced CPS software that is user friendly and increases speed and efficiency. The built-in codeplug comparator makes it easy to diagnose codeplug differences. The customizable views feature allows users to see only the codeplug fields that interest them. An undo/redo function makes changes easy.

Systems Supported

Trunking standards supported:

  • Clear or digital encrypted ASTRO®25 Trunked Operation
  • Capable of SmartZone®, SmartZone Omnilink, SmartNet®
  • Capable of P25 Phase 2 - TDMA

Analog MDC-1200 and Digital APCO P25 Conventional

Motorola APX 7500 Models

APX 7500

Single Band
M30URS9PW1N 700/800 MHz (763-870 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels
M30KSS9PW1N VHF (136-174 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels
M30QSS9PW1N UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels
M30SSS9PW1N UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels
M30KTS9PW1N VHF (136-174 MHz), High Power, 3,000 Channels
M30QTS9PW1N UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz), High Power, 3,000 Channels

M30TSS9PW1N Dual Band, Mid Power, 3,000 Channels
M30TXS9PW1N Dual Band, High Power, 3,000 Channels

APX 7500 Consolette

Single Band
L30URS9PW1 700/800 MHz (763-870 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels L30KSS9PW1 VHF (136-174 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels L30QSS9PW1 UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels L30SSS9PW1 UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels

L30TSS9PW1 VHF (136-174 MHz), Mid Power, 3,000 Channels

Motorola APX 7500 Accessories

Whether you use your radio in your vehicle, on your motorcycle or at your desk, you need to know that every word is communicated and every message is heard. Every APX mobile accessory has been designed and thoroughly tested to provide the same high level of performance you expect from your radio. Many accessories from Motorola XTL radios that use O5 and O3 control heads can be reused - maximizing your investment while you maintain the latest technology.

Unique accessories such as the IMPRES™ visor microphone allow hands-free communication, while IMPRES technology helps ensure your voice is heard regardless of how closely you are speaking into the microphone or how much wind or road noise is in the background.

Motorola accessories deliver maximum flexibility without compromising voice and data performance.

The complete line includes:

  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Sirens and Public Address Kits
  • Control Station Accessories
  • Remote Mount Cables
  • Antennas

View the Motorola Original Accessories for the Motorola APX 7500

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