Motorola XPR 8380 Repeater

Switch Between Analog And Digital Seamlessly

Motorola XPR 8380

Maximize the performance of your MOTOTRBO system with the XPR 8380 repeater. Available in 800 / 900 MHz frequency bands, the XPR 8380 utilizes dynamic mixed mode capability to ease migration by automatically switching between analog and digital mode. XPR 8380 supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital mode, doubling capacity without additional equipment.

Motorola XPR 8380 Features

  • Reliable Performance: Runs 100% continuous full-duty cycle at 40 Watts.
  • TDMA Digital Technology: Time-division multiple-access (TDMA) provides twice the calling capacity for the price of one license.
  • Easy Installation: Wall- or rack-mountable, with sturdy handles.
  • Transmit Interrupt: Enables intervention during conversations to deliver critical communication exactly when and where needed.
  • Dynamic Mixed Mode: Allows for automatic switching between analog and digital mode for mixed radio fleets.

Systems Supported

Motorola XPR 8380 Models

AAM27UMR9JA7AN 806-870/896-941MHz, 10-35 Watts

All Motorola XPR 8380 models include:

  • 120V AC Power Cord
  • 2 Year Warranty

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